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Off-topic Discussions is a place where you can come to discuss almost anything else besides Scotch. However....

  • NO POLITICS - Let me be crystal clear on this. Any topic or attempt to divert a topic in this section (or any other) into political nonsense is verboten. Posting about politics ist verboten, with the one exception: Unless it has to do directly with Scotch!!

  • NO RELIGION - Nobody is interested in. your testimony and witness. Not here at least. Save it for where its needed.

  • NO SPAM - Should be a given. I will delete and ban spammers with extreme prejudice.

  • BE RESPECTFUL - I realize this means different things to different people, but we are all adults here. Flame wars, bickering, harassment, neener-neeners, and all that junk are also right out. Please don't be that guy.

  • BE KIND TO NEWBIES - As is the case almost everywhere, the old-guard can get upset when a new person comes in and starts asking questions they've already answered, etc. See the above rule. Instead of flaming them, help them out.

So, basically the same rules as everywhere else on the site. I felt like I should reiterate things here, because sometimes "off topic" gets mistaken for "no rules" and that's definitely not the case!

Slainte! and enjoy the site!